Inner Truth

inner truth2

Dear ones,
It’s not your job to save the world
Though you may feel it heavy on your bones
Like the weight of a thousand tomorrows
Crashing down like an angry wave
Which slips violently onto shore
And back out again with only darkness on its lips

Carrying sand, shells, sediment
Churning the contents of the shallow wading pools,
Disrupting the fishes at the shore,
Creating a subtle new reality after its retreat

Only to give way to the next,
Relentless in its consistency and calm,
Churning and changing in the gentle light,
Never leaving the shore
The same as it was found

And so, in your daily walk,
When the call becomes a battle cry,
Let the waves land upon your heart with love,
Churning up the sediment of fear,
Disrupting the pattern of resistance,
Creating a new truth –
A truth which is only found inside

©SpiritLed 2017

The Wave

Big ocean wave breaking the shore

Sometimes you have to let that wave
Wash upon you
Sometimes you have to let it
Swallow you whole

You can try to stay numb
But eventually those feelings will catch up with you
And when they find you years later
The breakdown is exponential

All those years of feelings piling up
Stored away in the dark
Where you thought you’d never have to deal

When they erupt, look out!
It’s dangerous for anyone to be near
Worse, it’s debilitating for you,
Body, mind, and spirit

So let that wave lap at your feet
Let the waters rise up
Cleanse you in the spirit of release
Let that wave pound at you until
There are no more tears to cry

©SpiritLed 2015