What If?

Red heart in a tree trunk on the beach.. Love symbol. Red against black and white

What if the only way to be free
Is to give up all we’ve ever known,
To turn our backs on that which
Has painfully brought us to this place
All the lies we brought inside
And raised like bitter children
Never letting them see the light of day
For fear their faces would be too much to bear

All the stories told late at night
Embedded in our minds
Like hand prints in fresh concrete
First told when only the wind howled in our empty souls
Hands cold from clutching at a heart
Already too far down the path to be constrained

What if we had to admit
That it was all a fallacy,
That grief can’t keep us grounded
And fear won’t make us whole,
That it’s only in receiving
That we’re able to give,
And it’s only in faith
That our hearts open to love?

©SpiritLed 2016


The Connection between Darkness and Light


Time to rise up,
Face the day,
Become the warrior you’re meant to be,
Become the solider in the trenches
Facing off with the darkness,
Residing in the hearts of man,
Fighting your own darkness first,

Not to eradicate
But to reveal,
To illuminate,
To make whole again
The connection between darkness and light

For one cannot exist without the other
Yet both must be visible
For balance to be achieved,
For wholeness to be experienced,
For equality to be had by all

©SpiritLed 2016

Daily Bliss – December 30

The end of the year can be a time of strong emotions.  The angels want you to acknowledge and embrace those feelings if you have them.  Don’t push them away, bury them, or power through.   Allow them to wash over you, fill the cracks of who you are, for they ARE you.   You are the light and the shadow.  Embrace and find comfort in your whole, beautiful self.

Morning Star

Woman escaping storm

And in the dim light I see her
Beautiful in her perfection
Stunning with her light
Behind a veil of stars

Inspiring greatness
Crumbling the darkness
To rise again in wholeness
As each day breaks

The magnificent morning star
Expanding in the hearts
Of all who witness her
For they are outshined
In her presence

Illuminated, enlightened,
Connected to her expanse
Creating the speck of a single lifetime
An abiding connection
The rising and the falling

©SpiritLed 2015