Scattered Pieces of My Soul

Heart of dried petals of tea rose on blue background

As the sun rises again
The scattered pieces of my soul,
Strewn on the winds of time and change,
On waves of great pain and greater loss,

They call to me
Their voices lifting, lilting
Raising in vibration
To the tune of my own song

Calling, calling
Calling me home

And Spirit reaches out
Expands to embrace the rising chorus,
Gathers the lost children making their homes
In other people’s worlds

Raises its mighty wings with the rising light
And gently, tenderly assembles
My scattered, tattered bits,
My worthiness and belonging,

My gratified, satisfied soul,
Returned to perfect wholeness

©SpiritLed 2016

Greater Space

Night Sky

There are moments that seem fleeting
Like a firefly on a summer night
Barely experienced before they’re gone again

Yet those insignificant moments
Accumulated into one lifetime
Paint a picture like stars across a night sky

Lighting one by one
To illuminate the dark spaces
Connect the dots
Create meaning out of thin air

Reality in the sky connects heaven
To the earthly meekness below
Beneath the starlit blanket of night
Insignificant yet masterful

Reaching up to touch each one
Fingers burning with desire
For wholeness and connection

Within that greater space
And what may lie beyond
Fleeting, yet whole

©SpiritLed 2015

Heart Rising

Composite image of heart

No amount of days
can hold down a healing heart,
no matter how many setbacks
and disappointments,
the heart still rises in the east
to greet the light,
kiss the cheek of devastation
and heartbreak

Though the mind may
settle in the valley for a time,
the heart keeps watch on the peaks
until the mind climbs up
to reunite in wholeness once again

You may furrow your brow in doubt,
for the heart seems a fragile instrument
and yet I ask,
“Does the heart not beat
each and every day?”

In the darkest of times
it is the heart,
despite its own brokenness,
that labors to keep love alive
and you, dear friend,
are Love

©SpiritLed 2015