Daily Bliss – July 17

The Angels remind us that there will always be naysayers who spend their energy criticizing the work of others.  Though disheartening, we need this balance. We can be open to their message, hold onto any nuggets of insight they share, and keep moving forward anyway, with new wisdom and inner strength. 

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Daily Bliss – May 20

The Angels want us to trust what is coming from the heart.  Inner guidance resides in the heart center.  They ask that we put aside the process of thinking so much and allow the heart to speak. Listen to its wisdom, then let the mind carry out the heart’s desires.  The mind is the vehicle, while the heart is the North Star.

All That Is

Mans Journey of the Soul

When we plant the seeds of wisdom
We grow with the truth inside
Ancient longing
True belonging
Connected to all that is

Fear cannot overtake the truth
Hidden deep within
On the surface
Etched in stone
Carved into the essence of all that is

True wisdom lies in the willingness to let go
Faith in a path laid out in lifetimes past
A compass for life
Now reflected in the light
A path to follow to the light of all that is

©SpiritLed 2016

Walls Inside

Great Landscape with tree

In this life, the walls created
Promise to provide shelter,
Protection from the greatest storms,
The wildest, rockiest intrusions man can concoct

And they do—
Shuttered up tightly, my walls guarded me
Each day and night so that nothing unwanted
Or unpleasant was granted willing entrance
This didn’t stop the storms from rattling at the doors
And breaking out the glass,
Ripping from the roof and foundation fragments of debris,
And still, I all but disappeared behind my fortress

And the voices, pleasant and gentle, whispered,
“Let me in”
Promising joy and thrills not found in safe places



Daily Bliss – October 29

We all want to be seen for the magnificence and wisdom we carry deep within.  We wait for others to acknowledge this about us, to find this inner jewel as if we didn’t know for ourselves that it existed. But if we’re really honest, we know.  And we don’t have to wait for someone else to acknowledge it. We can live now as if we really believe we are magnificent and wise, because we ARE.  And we can lift up others in the same way.

Flash of Greatness

old woman praying

Majestic old man
Sits in the corner
Silently he watches
Then strolls wordlessly away

What does he think of me?
What advice can he share?

Like autumn leaves falling from the trees
Silently he speaks about the cycles that guide us
His eyes, wise and sad
His words, symbolic

And with one flash of greatness
He’s off

©SpiritLed 2105