Daily Bliss – August 2

The Angels want us to remember:  if someone is needing help, help them.  If someone is hungry, feed them.  If someone is hurting, help relieve their pain.  If someone needs love, love them.  There is no shame in lifting someone else up, even if they don’t seem to deserve it.  All are worthy in the eyes of Spirit. 

Angels Weep


Not one of us is free
Until all of us are free

We hide behind our laws
Our badges
Our guns
Our politics
Our fears

We hide behind
What we have convinced our hearts to believe
About those with whom we share this earth
Yet our souls know the truth

That all people bear the light inside
While only some wear the chains of inequity
Only some taste what they believe is real freedom
And even they are often fooled

For power does not equal freedom
Nor does an unholy clinging to the idea
That only some are worthy

Not one of us is free
Until all of us are free
And the angels weep

©SpiritLed 2016

Angels Weep

The Love Inside

Heart in the stone fence

In the deep down heart of it all
We are loved, perfect and worthy
And that’s all we ever have to be

It’s not earned, it’s what we’re made of
What we bring with us to this world
And what we leave with too

It’s what we leave behind for those we love
To always carry a piece of us
Memories and memorabilia can never replace
The energy of love

Open up, feel the love inside
In our worst state, it’s still there
Ready to be tapped for strength and stability
In the face of challenge

Tap into the love inside
The love that surrounds
The love that carries
The love that heals

©SpiritLed 2015

All As One


All creatures great and small,
They all are worthy,
As we are worthy too

Worthy of the kingdom we all left
Not too many years before,
Worthy of the light that shines from within

Worthy to be held and loved,
To be honored as a being
Of thought and feeling

All creatures deserve our loving-kindness,
The stardust and divinity that holds us together
Binds them together too

All as one,
In the kingdom
In the light

©SpiritLed 2015

A World Worth Saving

Save the heart

And there you spend your waking days
rising like the sun in the east
setting right all the painful wrongs
that ever crossed the lips of man

There you cross the valley
lighting up the shadows
that were once so carelessly tossed aside
by evil, hidden from the light of man

And there you lie down,
let the waves wash over you,
the sand bury your bones
until you rise up again,
as every drop, as every sea

you rise up as the bearer of wings
that drop their feathers like hope,
to the ground, a blanket of healing dreams
for a world worth saving

©SpiritLed 2015

Angel Inside

2015-01-14 14.19.03

The angel inside
wishes to tell you a secret:

that you are a life worth living
a dream worth having
that your very existence
brightens the earth
in a way no other can
that the light inside your soul
is not meant to be hidden
or denied
but is your gift to the world
this life that you live now
is your impact on humankind
a model for generations to come
death will not absolve you
but rather, lift you into the night
a shining beacon for all who wish to follow

Live this life well
find your peace within
do minimal harm
right your wrongs whenever possible
shine your beacon for those who struggle
those who wrong you
those who are difficult to understand

and most importantly
shine for yourself
illuminate your own path
don’t wait for someone to do it for you
all that you will ever need
is within you

©SpiritLed 2015