Let It Shine

let it shine

Activate your love powers
For all the world to feel,
Saturate your heart light
That those who touch you
May feel love’s warmth,
May no longer know the sting
Of tiny deaths we die each day
When love is not alive
And connection cannot be found

In your heart light
Lies the answers,
The prophecy,
For a kinder tomorrow,
A brighter soul space,
A living testament to the connection
That guides the future

Let it live within
Let it shine within
Reaching all the insides,
Radiating outside
Let it shine

©SpiritLed 2017



Milky Way

The only time more extraordinary
Than the day of my birth
Is that of my re-birth,
The moment I started to become aware
Of the greater path set before me,
Of the greater being that I am

No matter how hard I tried to hide the real me
Or forgot my soul amidst the work of existing,
Re-birth brought me back
Step by often painful step,
Moment by moment,
To an awakening of Me –

My true potential
My true self
The true depth and expansiveness
Of my soul

My time has come,
The star shines brightly above
To light my way
To lead me home

To lead you home

©SpiritLed 2016


Path in beautiful park at autumn

The work of the world
Is in your hands
A busy mind does not lend itself easily to miracles
Or the matters of spirit

You have this one chance
This one life as who you are now
To make a difference
To shine
Who knows what happens next?
This moment
Is the most important moment

Throw off fear
Embrace change
And the great responsibility that lies before you
Don’t stay too small, don’t think too much
Just be, just do with faith

Course correct if you must
But don’t delay any longer
Miracles are not fleeting
Unless you choose not to pursue them

©SpiritLed 2015